I Knew It!



Yeah, what to say about these figures, eh? Kinda stupid they had to task a analytics firm with the factfinding mission, when everybody should’ve seen the writing on the wall right from the first moment on. VR is too clunky and complicated and kinda immobile, at least in its recent development stage. And as cool as the experience may be it is still nothing but a gimmick. And just an expansion on already existing technology like virtual worlds.

So I bet my sexy ass that the whole VR fad will just be a short hype that will fade away pretty soon. As soon as virtual world inhabitants find it too laborious to put on the headset just to quickly check their group notices and friends in world, the octopusses will become dust collectors, hidden somewhere deep in your tech drawers.

But I have another bet for you: Once totally VR dependent Sansar is gone and forgotten, there will still be thriving SL communities. Communities made from real people, including girls, people on cheapo laptops, people more interested in content than in technology, more interested in long term relations, communities and developments than in spectacular “experiences”.



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