Good News of the Day: Another Free Nation


We all knew it since long: Filipinos were not to happy with their big brother ally. Congrats on this important and bold step.



  1. Ahem,… Is this not the same person that was recently quoted as saying he supported the genocide of up to 3 million of his own citizens for being drug dependent? Sounds like a real solid person and decision maker to me.

    He’s also nicknamed “The Punisher” by his own people and declared a “psychopath” and a “serial killer” by critics as the death toll in his murderous drugs crackdown hurtles towards 4000.

    Meanwhile, French daily Liberation has described Mr Duterte as “the serial killer president” in a front-page story detailing the vigilante killings allegedly carried out at his behest during three decades in politics.

    Human rights groups have claimed hundreds, possibly thousands, of drug addicts and dealers were murdered by Duterte’s notorious Death Squads during his 20-year reign as mayor of Davao.

    More than 3600 people have been killed, including 1700 in police shootouts, since Mr Duterte took office on June 30 as part of his brutal crackdown on drugs, a campaign that has earned him both international condemnation and praise at home.

    Read more all over but this will get most started:

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    • I guess it is the same person, “Duterte Harry” indeed. He’s not the mostest nicest man on earth but he’s fighting a hard, a brutal war against drugs in his country. At least he’s doing something, contrary to most other gov’ments. 3.600 ain’t even a high death toll, taking into account how strong the stranglehold of drugs has the Philipines under control. And the praise at home is much more valuable than international condemnation. Should be for every president worth their salt.

      Anyhoo, that’s not the topic at all. The main thing is that finally one country, one president, has seen the sign of the times, has seen the light and recognized that the West is yesterday’s news. This is the century of Asia, so the most clever countries should realign their political stance. Particularly if they are an Asian country as well. The time of looking down on China, Russia, and all the little tiger states is over. Only reason US wants to keep the Philipines as alllies is to have a little pressure point on China, a not nice but very uncooperative and damaging, conflicting stance, typical for a dieing colonial power.

      Maiti, let’s face it: Our time is coming to an end, our perverted model of wannabe democracies and super über uncontrolled corporationism has had its time. Now let the fresh bloods have their time.


  2. I think you are missing the point here, This good old boy is just one of another of the small group of few leaders, one that is outspoken enough to call Obama a “Nigger that should go to hell”, and is being called world wide a “psychopath” and serial killer that is doing the name calling. Not someone that could be remotely regarded as a sane, rational world leader that should be listened to, and who’s thought’s and opinions considered for even a moment. Let’s face facts here, every time you point out a person that has similar things to say, they have a similar set of credentials. It’s not to say we (The U.S.) aren’t about to add our own crackpot to the ever widening list of assholes, ( Just look at Hillary or Donny’s records), but the point is, don’t be patting a psychopath on the back either. More, it should be listed and pointed at as one more example of how the human race is going down the tubes in an ever increasing, ever accelerating death spiral.


    • No, I guess I understood very well were you’re coming from but chose to ignore that POV. Because in this case the psychopath isn’t as bad as many other, much more powerfullerer, psychopaths. The latest political movie by Duterte is applaudable and deserves much respect. Freeing a whole country from political shackles needs assholes like him. He burned bridges to the USA and created a fact. It’s good for the whole planet, so we can and should forgive his personal flaws.

      Situation in the US is insignificant coz it doesn’t matter what crackpot you’re going to place in the white house. That person wil be a puppet of the mega corps, like all the presidents before. So we expect no major changes from the USA, at least not in their foreign policy or what they think foreign policy is. That means we will stay on high alert and tread carefully.


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