Fujifilm X70

So I got myself a Fujifilm X70. Here’s a few jpegs I shot around the neighbourhood.

The urine smelling passage under the railway.

F/5.6 1/60 ISO-250

Down at the harbour.

F/8 1/1000 ISO-400

Some fishing still going on around here.

F/7.1 1/950 ISO-400

Now whose are these?

F/8 1/1000 ISO-3200

Dead people.

F/8 1/1000 ISO-400


  1. Good eye Trappy. Would’ve been nice to hold the camera straight in #1 photo and put the focus on the boats in #2. The whole photos looks a bit blurry. The attention of the viewer must be directed on to the white/red boat in #3, instead of on the dock in foreground. #4 is a nice social critique but I’d gone closer to the gummiboots and cut it off so the sunny background wouldn’t show. #5 put the houses into the center, the dead people look more like an afterthought.
    The X70’s not featuring a zoom, right? So as a general hint: No matter how nice your photo looks in viewer, get a couple steps closer and it’ll be even nicer. Altogether a more tightened, focused, concentrated look at what’s the main objective of your photo does always help making a stronger impression onto the audience. It’s not always easy without a dedicated telephoto lens but with some changes of perspective and good old footwork it is possible. 😉
    Apart from that, am I jelly? You won’t believe just how jelly I am. 😮 That X70 looks so nice with the pancake lense and the classic chrome/black styling. So why don’t you go on and show us the camera in all glorious details and give your readership a little walkthrough?


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