Business as Usual …

… for Germany’s media.

Zeit, SpOn and FAZ are doing their reporting duty like every day. Only …


“We’re silent today”

… the Stern jounalists put a self-afflicted gag upon themselves. Without shaming any politician or country or goverment in particular. They just protest silently against the war and violence in Syria.

The Stern (Star) is or was Germany’s biggest and most-selling weekly publication, a journalistic heavyweight on international scale. When such a huge magazine closes its doors, even if only for one day, it will be noticed.

Please check the Stern’s title page for some photos (if you can endure them). Let me try to give you a summary of the short text. They basically admit failure to understand what’s happening in Syria and analyze the suffering of the people. Have they thought abut the influence of their reports? How can they report about the daily suffering? Did they do enough reports about the situation in Syria?

The text says No, they haven’t …  and it asks what happens if they report more, show more gruesome photos? Will they be reponsible for inclining butalisation and dehumanisation? Are they and we all so tired and jaded by all that war circus?

So today it’s not about clicks, efficient marketing, advertizing and breaking news. Just photos. Not even of bloodied children and corpses but of sadness. Today they don’t want to report and try to be the fastest with the news … before they can even understand what’s going on. They want to shout against the war … by staying silent. A rather helpless gesture but how are you going to react to what’s going on in Syria?

Kudos for that.






PS: I don’t know if it’s just coincidence that Stern mutes itself on the day when we honour a new Peace Nobel Price winner. 🙂


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