On the Road Again


On Route 9, Jeogeot. But without bike and far off the next rez area. WTF is Orca doing there?

Easy answer, just logging in quickly to delete roundabout 34,673 group notices, take the last 329 gifts from ZZ into my vehicles folder (subfolder scooters), say hi to Kitten in LCC chat, ask the always offline Jeanie a Linux question … and bugger off again …

BTW, have you ever noticed how big the cobblestones on Linden Routes are? It’s the typical fuck-the-scale sloppyness of LL employees, right?

PS: Jean, if you’re reading this please help hubby out with a KDE problem. He can’t change the Window Decoration settings in Kubuntu 14.04, it’s all blank and unresponsive. All other settings working perfectly. And please don’t tell him to update to Plasma 5 else he’d turn into a werewolf. 😮



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