“The Asshole of the Internet” is Broke :(



Yes yes, Shkreli is one of the most disgusting people walking our earth right now, and 4chan‘s got a lot of really unsavoury boards. So Shkreli saving 4chan would be a minor catastrophe for mankind. But I’m still sad to see it go, since it wasn’t all bad at 4chan. I guess at least two thirds of my computer wallpapers I nicked from the /w/ board, which only cares about anime wallpapers.That’s not so bad is it? No adolescent racist trolling shit on /w/.

At least I can’t help but crack a smile as soon as I open the board …



… and see this panicked anime character, which gives some general rules about posting on /w/.

Anyways and howevers we should be kinda happy to see 4chan going down the drain, even if it’s a useful asshole for my wallpaper collecting habit. The negativity eminated by 4chan is enough to dam it to hell.




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