On Heavy Rotation: Johnny Marr




Ooooh yes, me and my generation, we fondly remember The Smiths as one of the most iconic bands of the mid eighties, a band that perfectly embodied our sadness and our search for meaning and purpose in a world that didn’t have a use for us, that didn’t want us, a world that didn’t seem to care about us. Oh yes, we were a pathetic bunch in the postpunk aera. And the Smith were our perfect soundtrack. Even more so than The Cure or New Order. Apart from The Smiths’s frontman, singer Morrisey, it was mostly guitarist Johnny Marr, with his ringing guitar sound and songwriting talent that made them stood out from the crowd.


Did you know that The Smiths guitarist Godlike Genius Johnny Marr was responcollage_lb_image_page5_2_1sible not only for The Smiths’s eclectic guitar sound but that he wrote a lion share of The Smiths’s hits? At least the music, while Morrisey did the gay lyrics. Pfff, as a German teenager english lyrics were not of my concern, neither of anybody elses. What made me such a huge fan of The Smiths were indeed the fresh guitar riffs and the clear jingling sound of Johnny Marr’s guitar in conection with Morissey’s silky voice. His standout sound was due to his self-inflicted ban of listening to rock bands. 😮 From the first moment little Johnny held a guitar in his hands he wanted to create his own sound. And he definately suceeded in that regard.


collage_lb_image_page5_11_1Little did I know that Johnny didn’t disappear somewhere in obscurity after the end of The Smiths but kept on making music, even great music. He’s as much a star, if not even more so, than his former band mate Morrisey. So I was a bit surprised when I stumbled about recently published music by Johnny while on one of my YouTube safaris. I liked what I heard, still liking his guitar style and his songwriting.

So Johnny Marr is what’s left over when you take out the dramatic pathos and gayness off The Smiths and only keep the good stuff. 🙂

So, yes, Johnny Marr is on heavy rotation in my little computer studio while I’m surfing the web and do my blogging stuff. Gotta say tho, compared to my hubby, who’s of the same age, Johnny managed to stay thin and also he kept his full hair! Something hubby terribly failed at. But my hubby has much more lovely eyes. And sex appeal. 😉

But back to Johnny now, as I’ve found some viddeohs for you:



This one is about his guitar style …



Live with a cover of the old Electronics song Getting Away With It:

And live with an old Smiths hit:

Live at Glastonbury 2013:



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