Not Helpful :(

Do you know

It’s a clever website were people can ask questions, specific questions, that will be answered by wannabe experts. So far so cool. But when someone asked very naiively …


… the result was more like the telephone directory of Tokyo or sumfink. Up to now we have 43 entries in the answer list. 43 Linux distros all supposedly the bestest. It’s like the Top 100 on Distrowatch, and despite some characterization and pros and cons listed it’s more confusing than anything. So the supposed value of the info, of this list, is rather questionable, don’t you think?


Maybe they asked the wrong question in the first place and should’ve asked for the bestest distro for n00bs, intermediate and advanced users. Because, although the question in itself should tell every clear thinking human being that the answers should be pointed towards fresh convertites, some experts didn’t really process that. Else why and how did Arch end up on number #1 spot? And to make it clear, the answer was Arch, pure vanilla Arch, not Manjaro (#10) or Antergos (#11). No, the fukn almost uninstallable Arch mothership itself!

While the rest of the top 14 are kinda in order and all well-known and respected Linux distros, the placement of Arch on #1 makes one question the value of the whole list. I mean, ok, to answer the core question – which is the best desktop Linux? – Arch is surely the correct answer. But as I said already, if someone would be satisfied with that answer, they wouldn’t feel the need to ask in the first place.

So, yes, go ahead and look at the list, and compare it to Distrowatch‘s Top 100 list, find out they are nearly identical, and be as confused as before. But don’t let them unhelpful fucks spin your pretty head around, you’ve still got the good old Orcsibaby to help you out and tell you stuff as it is. So here’s my recommendations for 3 usage cases:

Total n00b, not even a real idea about how Windows and Mac works: Linux Lite (#27), Ubuntu Mate (#13)

Windows/Mac veteran, about to try out Linux for the first time: Point Linux, Mint LMDE (#14)

A couple weeks/months into the Linux world: Manjaro (#10)

That’s it. 100, respectively 43 cramped into 5. And covered 3 usage scenarios at the same time. That’s quite good, no?



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