On Heavy Rotation: The Kills

Welcome to a new series in Thar She Blows. On Heavy Rotation will cover new (for me) music I can’t get enough of and therfore have it On Heavy Rotation in my MP3 player. Same as Greatest Rock Albums this won’t become a regular thing, as I won’t dive into the past for Heavy Rotation but will exclusively deal with the hear and now. 😉 So all my favourite bands/musicians of the past will stay there … and with becoming older I’m not listening to much music anymore anyway. But here we start with my recent fave band of the moment:

I learned about The Kills just a week or so ago on a YouTube safari. And by now I know everything there’s to know about this British-American duo, about Alison Mosshart (VV) and guitarist Jamie Hince (Hotel).

What makes The Kills so special are a variety of points: There is Jamie’s very accentuated guitar style and sound, Alison’s nevermind attitude towards singing and their kinda simplicistic straight minimalist songs. Simple but gritty. Altogether The Kills are the new kings of cool.

There is not much more to say about The Kills. They are just a couple that makes great music. When they can afford it, they hire additional musicians for live gigs, if not … pfff. And that in itself is already awesome in these days of superstars.


Some video anyone? Here ya go …







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