Just Because

Just because I’m a bit boring and bland and find this shit indeed mildly interesting (what the fuck is wrong with me?) I’m gonna show you the Top Ten ranking of Linux distros, as they appear on Distrowatch:


Rank one and two haven’t changed in ages. Mint is the uncontested Numero Uno, followed by the old stalwarts Debian and Ubuntu on #2 and #3. In comparison to Mint these two are showing a downwards trend tho, while Mint shows everything going upwards. And I find it a bit strange that Ubuntu’s mother, Debian, still creates more traffic than her sexy daughter distro. Is it maybe the lack of negative news that makes people favour mommy Debian? 🙂

On #4 another favourite of the masses, the essential KDE distro openSUSE with no intention to move in either direction.

To find Manjaro on #5 with an upwards arrow makes me personally a happy camper. The Manjaro team’s strategy of turning a basically freaky geeky Arch Linux system into something intermediate users, and even total dummies like Orca, can use is showing its fruits. Very well done, Phil and friends. Very well done.

Red Hat’s little free sister, Fedora, for whatever reason, on #6. It is obviously very beloved by many Linuxers. Probably mostly in the States. No idea.

Newbie friendly elementary shows an upwards trend in #6 position. Their nanny mindset and the lack of options seems to be what many n00bs want and need.

The purpose of Zorin never became clear to me. Taking a Ubuntu base and dressing it up like Mac and Windows desktops for me reeks of desperation. Does Linux really need such foul tricks? Hm, obviously it generates enough interest/clicks to land it on #8.

Right behind Zorin we find the extreme opposite with the ultrageeky CentOS on #9. I’ve heard even Linux supermen have failed the installation spectacularly, already before they could do the first thing on that peculiar distro. It’s for people who don’t need their computers for work or play, geeks for the purpose of geekyness … and for masochists.

On #10 we find the other geeky Linux, Arch vanilla. Why some people, they call themselves purists, are going trough the hassle of installing their Arch system without a proper installer or any creature comforts is beyond me. I guess they must belong to the same group of bored geeks like the CentOS guys. 

mom-300x300Okay, that was another expert analysis of the Linux top hits, brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood Linux Housewife. Where my sympathies are should be clear for anybody. From this Top Ten list I’d pick Mint for you, elementary for your stupid little brother/sister, and Manjaro for myself. LOL 🙂


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