Another Cool Gift from ZZ

Such a rarity: A good old Vincent V-twin, which is almost too precious to customize and should be restored to the original condition.

She started with sailboats. But from there she went to that floating VW van, via landbound VW van to finally reach the pinnacle of the bestest vehicles in both lifes, SL and RL. Motorcycles!

Whoa! ZZ really has an ass in her trousers, as becomes clear when we see NOS bottles paired with such an old gentlemen’s bike.

Needless to say I felt compelled to test that nifty Vincent custombike right away. For my testride I chose the North Spur Road on upper Jeogeot, a continent I have fond memories of since it always made for good unlaggy riding and some rather interesting roads.

ZZ’s vehicle script is very basic but effective. There isn’t much of leaning into curves or banking or gear changes, the shit just works. It’s generally fast enough for a nice cruise but without becoming too hectic. Even Orca on her 300+ ms latency could ride the Vincent without any problems.

The North Spur road is easy to ride and offers rez zones galore. So a quick fix is never far away in case of a crash. But in the year 2016 we don’t crash anymore, do we?

And in typical ZZ style the Vincent is loaded with a lot (A FUKN LOT!) of cuddle anims and dances n stuffz. So cool. 🙂

The terraforming and landscaping is also very nice. It’s hard to see where the moles stopped and private owners took over. The whole area looks like  from one  mold.

Oldstyle primbuilding at its finest in this rather peculiar scooter store. Am I assuming correctly that SL was more fun and funny in the old times? Or is it just my hazy memory?


I particularly liked how sim crossings were marked so clearly. So there’s always enough time to slow your moped down and crawl across the divider … in order to avoid any crashes.


At the North Spur Junction Rez Zone in Yangbaechu sim we join the greater Jeogeot network of roads. This marks the end of my exploring for today but I’m really thinking about continuing my ride tomorrow. Probably with another bike or one of my camper vans. We’ll see.


But this is the best: This very comfy oldstyle riders helmet – with headset – that ZZ packs with each bike,  just oozes coolness. It’s the perfect dieselpunk nostalgia.



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