O@tM: Ghostbusters (2016)



Ok, this isn’t a real Orca at the Movies as you’re used to. I’m not feeling like putting my usual loving care into this one. Because reasons. I’ll get to them eventually. But first let me say I gave this flick a fair fighting chance as I didn’t like the misogynist approach towards GB2016 by a bunch of troglodyte cave-dwelling women haters. The amount of brainless hate hurled at this flick from the first second on, long before anyone had a chance to see the result, was unbearable and lacked any logic or reasoning. Some of those wannabe critics even called the new GB movie a feminist product, as if it was a feminist conspiracy and revenge story or something. It was like “Look at them bitches, trying to replace Bill Murray! Grrrr…”.

Knowing quite well who’s wearing the trousers in Hollywood I dismissed this bullshit theory right away. Having four actresses in the lead roles was a male idea first and foremost, as female heroes are hot at the box office right now. Simple as that. I guess apart from the four actresses there was no further female influence in this flick. Of course Orca was slightly, carefully sympathetic with the new Ghostbusters.

After having watched the first and the second trailer, not believing how shitty they were, my sympathy dwindled to a minimum. Still hubby (the eternal optimist) downloaded GB2016 for us and kinda forced me to watch this trainwreck with him. And a trainwreck it was indeed.

Unfunny cameos, unfunny banter, unfunny jokes, undramatic drama, a loud and shrill and obnoxious flick altogether. Imagine Orca, the unbearable obnoxious avie, as a movie and you’re on the right track.

This was a formula movie if there ever was one: Too bad they were too busy ticking all the boxes, totally forgetting to tick the right ones in the right way. Altogether watching this was such a harrowing, tiring, frustrating experience, in the end I didn’t even have enough energy left to get all riled up and pen a really angry review. That’s why this O@tM is shorter and with less stills (none to be exact), as usual.

Let’s have a good, honest look back at the original Ghostbusters movie with Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd now. That flick wasn’t really good neither. It was just a very silly B-movie. Not entirely unlike GB2016. BUT it was fresh, it contained the deadpan humour of Ackroyd/Murray, it was respectless and it oozed coolness and a certain goofy style. And it was a lucky one-hit-wonder, a once-in-a-lifetime thing, not ever to be repeated or serialized. That’s what made it a cult movie! We’ve seen the second part already going down badly. So how the fuck did the makers of GB2016 think the concept of a Ghostbusters rehash would fly? I mean WTF???

And the worst thing is, it’s not even Ghostbusters alone. We’ve seen such an unbelievable amount of crappy flicks lately, I’m slowly loosing my patience with the movie industry as a whole. How come an average zombie slasher from Korea would end up as the best movie of 2016 so far? I just can’t bear writing one negative review after the other. This ain’t no fun anymore. 😦





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