For Insiders Only ;)

Yes, I know this newness is only of peripheral importance for most of you guys. Me on the other hand, I was a bit excited. Hey, not aroused, just a tiny bit happy to see the Manjaro project finally having re-designed their web presence.


As it behooves one of the top-rated and freshest Linux distros, that goes and evolves from strength to strength, their visibility must match their content. And after some internal struggles and a bit of housecleaning it seems Philip and his co-developers are back on track now.

They even have a design team now working on new logos for all the different flavours and desktop environments Manjaro comes in. It seems they are learning about the importance of good PR n shit, even for non-commercial, amateurish projects … and even if rather begrudgingly and with sour faces.


But if John Paul Wohlscheid’s little fan project, the Manjaro Gazette, will ever re-appear on the scene remains undecided. I guess not, since the good John Paul never had to report anything new we couldn’t get from Manjaro’s official pages as well. And I’ve never found any “other fun stuff” on that page. Maybe because Manjaro ain’t funny to begin with. So, sorry to say but the Gazette is a loss we surely can live with.


If you wondered, or if you never read my Linux shit and didn’t know that Orca is a regular Manjaro fangirl, I can tell you in all earnesty and straight away: Yes, Manjaro is that good! When Phil writes it’s an “awesome” distribution he’s not even lying. For me it’s the best Linux distribution you can sport right now. But no, it’s not for n00bs, its friendliness doesn’t extend below a certain level of geekyness and the friendliness of the community is contained inside very tight borders. Clueless Orca once tried to crack a joke in Manjaro forum and was made aware of the fact that “this isn’t necessary!”. 😮 Ok, I gotta admit my verdict was hackneyed and lame. But still I think those geeks could loosen up a little.

So, yes, Manjaro ain’t a place to just fuck about, it’s not Ubuntu or sumfink of that silly ultrafriendly calibre. Manjaro won’t stoop so low. But if you want that definitive bit more, a real cracker, a kinda geeky but ultra stable workhorse you can’t go wrong with Manjaro. Just gotta know what you’re doing. At least to some extent.


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