WTF Are Desktop Environments???

If you come from Windows or Mac or are still using them you probably never had to worry and decide for a Desktop Environment. Your Graphical User Interfaces are provided by Microsoft/Apple and you’ve got to accept them as they are. There is not much of customization available neither for Windows nor MacOS. It’s like take it or leave it. The big two companies couldn’t care less. They know you can’t and won’t escape them, so you gotta work on your computer as their software engineers have designed it. You gotta adjust your workflow to the system, there is no other way.

Welcome to Linux! Here you can find not only a handful of different bases but also a lot of different Desktop Environments and window managers that are put on top of the code base. Some of them are very very modifiable, others are very one-way minded, almost like the big two, Windows and Mac. This amount of choice understandably often irritates new users of the Linux platform.

To enlighten you a bit about what is there for you and what would suit you, your workflow, your esthetic sense and your needs best, the YouTube channel Tech Pills set out and did this very nice video:

I know it all sounds a bit confusing but it’s kinda the best and (almost) totally unbiased summary in any way. And of course, once you’ve seen and experienced the possibilities yourself you just can’t even imagine ever going back to Mac or Windoze.




    • That’s all nice and pretty, Trappy but i3wm ain’t a DE but a WM, a window manager. These are made for fraggles who mostly use text based environments, not the usual mom n dad computing like we in the stupid housewife’s Linux club.


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