\o/ YAY Success! \o/

[06:08 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips) is Online
[06:13 AM]  Orca Flotta: aloha!
[06:14 AM]  Orca Flotta: howzit?
[06:14 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips): hi Orca ^.^
[06:14 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips): awesome i love my new set up yay ^.^
[06:14 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips): and i haven’t crashed at all fingers crossed i’ve fixed it 🙂
[06:14 AM]  Orca Flotta: whoa
[06:15 AM]  Orca Flotta: you on linux now?
[06:15 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips): i’m just having a drive of my speed boat before bed 🙂
[06:15 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips): yes ^.^
[06:15 AM]  Orca Flotta: so kewl
[06:15 AM]  Orca Flotta: no worries, linux usually don’t crash
[06:16 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips): wow i was having my whole desktop just turn off and random it was awful
[06:16 AM]  Orca Flotta: huh?
[06:16 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips): and since all day today not once
[06:16 AM]  Orca Flotta: 😉
[06:16 AM]  Orca Flotta: so what linux are you using now?
[06:16 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips): still ubuntu 🙂
[06:16 AM]  Orca Flotta: pfrz
[06:16 AM]  Orca Flotta: lol
[06:17 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips): hehehehehehe
[06:17 AM]  Orca Flotta: i’m happy it works so fine for you
[06:17 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips): ever since i got the graphics driver in it i’ve been having a wonderful time ^.^
[06:17 AM]  Crystal (elf.wingtips): thank you Orca i’m so happy i met you and can talk geeky stuff yay ^.^

Orca in her mobile Linux office powered by Linux.

Crystal and I talked on for a while but that’s maybe too geeky/boring for you. Moral of the story: I’m just happy we could save another poor soul from the cold depth of the Microsoft abyss and have another happy camper exploring a computer life in freedom, without any registration and license contracts and bloatware and anti-virus stuff and all that crud. 🙂

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