Heyyy Crystal!

Regarding our convo from earlier today or yesterday – timezones can be confusing – looksee what I found on the YouTubes:

In this video Len (do not ever call him Lenny, he might explode) sums up pretty nicely a bunch of more or less n00b friendly Linux distros. Len meanders through the usual candidates and ends up with Mint. And rightfully so. He sorts out the great troublemakers Debian and Arch, also very correctly. Just because Orca ain’t afraid of crashing and burning doesn’t mean everybody’s gotta follow her down that particular rabbit hole. She’s protected by the dark magical powers of her Linux guruine and without her Orca would be nothing but another rotten corpse in the brutal manslaughtering path of various Arch Linux distros.

Ubuntu 😦

After watchywatchy this vid you might wanna step away from your Ubuntu schmutz and default to something a heckofalot simpler and easier … and better. For example the Mint distro. It’s not on #1 in Distrowatch’s hitlist for no reason at all! It’s really, as I told you “Ubuntu sprinkled with fairy dust and diamond glitter … and racing stripes”. Yes, never forget the power of racing stripes! Much much better than mothership Ubuntu, which is a convoluted mess. The very humble, almost boringly easy Mint is famous for its sensationally good hardware recognition and makes installing your Nvidia driver child’s play. Couple mousyclicks and you’re done.

What you also wanna do is subbing to Len’s channel as he’s a kinda very prolific but pretty neutral, fair and unexcited host. After many of the old Linux heroes on YT have given up or drifted away into spheres unknown, Len’s the best explainificator we got.


Anyway, I hope to see you finally rocking a brandnew Linux distro when  we meet the next time inworld. Cutting your chains that bind you to the Microsoft world is a great feeling. You might be a bit scared in the beginning but it’s sooo worth it in the long run.

And after we made you a  new home and got you settled in Linux the next common goal shall be to get Sammie off her stupid iMac consumer trap! I know she’s already got some Linux on her HDD, just not installed. So she’s halfways there already. 😉


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