The Best Reason Why You Should Use the MATE Desktop Environment

That you should use Linux is generally understood, yes? But why the fuk must you go with this stinkin’ MATE desktop? Here, I show ya:


Hehe, found this comment in a YouTube video about something else. Actually it was about Linux Mint 18 or sumsuch. Doesn’t matter. What matters here is the fact that this brave guy obviously installed some Linux with MATE desktop on his old  momma’s computer and made her a happy camper. Of course he had to brag about his success. And I hope he didn’t wanted to say that his momma dieded from system shock or sumfink but that she’s indeed healthy and computering away on her sassy Linux box.

See now how easy it is to do the Linux thing? Even if you’re old and living under a rock and can’t really be called a hipster anymore, you can still do Linux and belong to the elite task force. 🙂 And the best thing is you won’t need to call your least favourite daughter/son every 5 minutes and ask them for user support.

Linux distros who also come with the MATE flavour are for  example:

Since none of you dear readers feedbacked to me I won’t do a guided install for you guys but as you’ll soon find out yourself, installing any of the listed distros on your computer is as easy as eating pie.



And why ain’t I recommending my on and off favourite Manjaro MATE?

Because that one is a bitch and gives you more grief than anything else. Leave all the crashes to stuntgirl Orca. And all the stunts to crashgirl Orca.


Because we don’t want you to end like this:


Or even worserer …

However what you must avoid above all else is a cruel fate like …



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