GitS: Official Teaser Trailer

I don’t know why everybody calls these short appetizers teaser trailers, since per definition it can be either or, not both. Anyway, I found something that shows all 5 teasers for Ghost in the Shell in one, well, kinda trailer. 😉

And here’s another YT video where some woman analyzes the whole shitshow. I guess she got it mostly wrong, like almost everybody else. Particularly her argument for casting ScarJo because GitS is supposed for a worldwide market … huh? Bitch please! If GitS should appeal to a worldwide market you’d use Asian actors for all the roles! Not some silly plump longnoses. Because the biggest movie market is China and all the rest of Asia. USA domestic sales are negligible. And all the talking about how much the Japanese love their Scarlett sounds for me rather desperate, like whistling a happy song in the dark cellar. You don’t just walk into Mordor. And you don’t just replace a Japanese folk hero with some Swedish bimbo.

Still, watch her expert analysis if you like. Herewith I give you my express permission. 🙂

And no, as member of the vocal minority I don’t say or even think that all the people who think ScarJo is a good cast for the role of Kusanagi Motoko, or even think a character going by that name is a caucasian woman or not even human at all, are racists. I just say they are all either careless, didn’t get the concept of the Default Human or have no idea about the differences between robots, androids and cyborgs. Although not seeing Motoko as a Japanese character is indeed a very biased view of the artform of anime and yes, slightly racist.

As for the production company and the studio behind the live action movie for Ghost in the Shell, yes, they are actively and stupidly whitewashing a beloved Japanese character here! And guess what, I’m not even one of those sore losers who’re boycotting the movie. Quite the contrary, I can’t wait to finally see this trainwreck in action. And I hope I’m wrong and the movie is good, despite the huge fukup in casting. It looks like I coud like it. 😉

Anyhoo, have fun with the GitS teasers.



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