No Camping on Sansara?

Think I’m a lazy bugger? One that is never inworld, and even if she is she’s just hanging out, goofing off? Errm, yes, you might be right. 😦 BUT during the last couple days I tried – god did I try – to explore Sansara  with my fancy Volkswagen camping bus. Jeeze, that is one heck of a continent, with many roads and many landscapes. But I’m fairly sure I covered maybe almost half of it by now. Didn’t really look into the snowlands since I’m more of a beach girl … or at least a river girl. That were sites I was looking for for some camping. But anyway, it’s hard, it’s o so hard to find a cozy place and so far I didn’t come up with anything particularly recommendable as a campsite. But I snapped many snapshots, that I’ll show you here in no special order:

This first set of snaps sees me cruising northern Sansara, including SL’s oldest boatwarf in Bolinas. I wonder if Mickey Rourke, the owner, has ever set foot in world after 2006. But his parcel is obviously grandfathered and so LL can’t take it away from him. Geez, a parcel in  that location must make millions nowadays. Can’t get much more Prime Location.

Oh, and we see Orca crashing … a lot

Talking about crashes. Yes, no, I wasn’t in Flight mode when I took those photos. It’s just the VW, as nifty as it is, is a miserable simcrosser. And particularly in alpine landscapes with many rivers and bridges n stuffz sometimes you land in unfavourable places after the servers set you down on the other side of the border. 😮

I guess this set was shot more towards central Sansara. If you think now that I’m a terribly slow driver and you could cover the whole continent in a matter of 10 minutes where I need weeks, yes, you’re partially correct again. But let’s not forget I spent like half of the time watching my camping bus hurled around in the air or huffing and puffing up steep inclines. And getting lost on Sansara’s vast network of roads.

Lower left photo, the little riverbank below the bridge shows my former LCC outpost in Kaminari.

Anyway, no suitable campground for me to be found anywhere. 😦

BUT then:


Driving along the cliffy westbank of East River or South River or whatever you wanna call it, I came along Kitten’s Yorkshire Land in Yelas (the docks with LCC flags)


… and of course a minute earlier I also passed the Autonomous Collective’s land in Brauer sim. We can see Lucy’s brandnew TrYC styled RC-44 on the docks. What we can’t really see is the OrCafé, hidden behind some trees.

Who’s left the lights on in the café?

I decided to drive a bit back from Kitten’s place to our place, and cheat a little by engaging my VW’s Flight mode to cross the river and find shelter for the night … at home. Pffrz. Yes, I know that’s lame but I was tired. And obviously I’m not done with you yet, Sansara. I explored you by boat and by bike. It should be possible to find a suitable campground for my humble camping van. Will look further south at my next trip. Guess I’ve seen vast expanses of empty savannah at the most southern reaches of Sansara and will try my luck there.

Until then you can see I was not as lazy and unproductive as you’ve all thought.



    • Yeah, you should definately take a little roadtrip in your favourite car or moped. Sansara is in parts still laggy as fuck but has the greatest network of roads on the grid. It’s by far the most versatile and interesting continent to ride.

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