ZZ Bottom (foneco Zuzu), the famous photographer and builder of fun boats, just sent me another one of her creative vehicles. I know she’s reading my blog, and likes and aggregates my posts to the greater public. A service I’m most grateful for.

But maybe I inspired her as well to build a totally new vehicle, when she saw my report about the coolio Volkswagen Samba Bus Maiti got me, and camping in Bay City. So Foneco built a Volkwagen van based vehicle that combines various waterborn activities. But what am I talking, just lemme show you …

This crazy thing is the FlowerPower: A kite-sailing VW van! Of course it uses the B-Wind engine.
But it also motors …
… and serves as a dance platform.
After dancing you’re hungry and can start fishing for compliments or fresh sushi …. or both …
… or just relax a little with gymnastics. A perfect vehicle if you ask me.

Thank you Foneco, very much for this perfect “boat” or whatever it is. Rarely ever had I so much fun in SL. 🙂



  1. Hehehe, true, i was telling everyone how i would end the building spree after… like 4 boats ago, lol, but then i saw your Wv and add to do something:)
    Btw, it also works with wwc wind, before raising type in local wwc to change and then acquire wind, id the boat and it will be using wwc, just no shadowing but all the rest.

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