Ow Shit! :(

Just wanted to log in world and drive a bit around with my fancy camping bus, looking for another cool campsite on our alls favourite mainland continent, Sansara. But since days something lagged me so badly I was hardly able to log off.


Photo doesn’t look too bad, Orca’s almost completely rendered and on her plat is not much else to see anyway. But it took some minutes to get even to that state, and as you can see from the stats box I’m hovering around 0.5 fps. 😮 And that not acceptable! And not playable either. 😦

So for right now no camping for little Orcsi and no vacational trip for her puppet player.

I guess just deleting and reinstalling the viewer wasn’t quite enough. For when I logged on I noticed all my personal settings were still set and valid. I need to locate and delete those as well as I think I set something so badly wrong it causes me to laaaaaaaag so terribly.

But for now it’s 7:00 A.M. and time to start the day. The RL day. Handimen will arrive soon, domestic will arrive a bit later and me has to go out shopping for tiles. So no time to play with the filesystem of my dear Linux setup. So nobody say rich* and spoiled white ladies in SA don’t suffer any stress!






* LOL! As if. In Germany we wouldn’t hardly be able to pay rent for a tiny shitty flat with our little income.


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