Linux is Free! Really?

solusicontexthnormal-2Hej guys, just watched a YouTube widdioh by AJ Reissig about SolusOS. And while that’s nice and cool and I’m prolly gonna give that distro a thorough test sometime in the future, there was something else that caught my attention. AJ asked the audience (that’ll be you and I) to think about making donations towards our favourite Linux distros, respectively their developers.

Oh, but Linux is free ain’t it? So why does that guy want me to pay for it?

free_beer-911Good question. See, there is a difference between free as a bird and free beer. And for Open Source software and GNU/Linux mainly the first definition is true. Everybody is free to use the sourcecode and beat and knead it into something useful and/or amazing. That is freedom in the Linux sense. Of course everybody is free to slap a pricetag on their product as well. Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and countless others are doing it with their closed source products, and nobody’s asking their integrity in the first place. It is generally understood that their products cost money.

But it’s not generally understood that a Linux distro should cost you a single dime. And that’s ok too, since all the Linux devs are hobbyists, amateurs who do it for the love of coding. Still, and this is what AJ said in his video, let’s imagine how much faster your fave distro would develop and how much better it would be if we helped out the devs with a little contribution.

scroogeYou know Linux is free but it’s not free to make and contribute. The devs aren’t just sacrificing huge chunks of their spare time but also huge chunks of money for their server infrastructure, test PCs and all that jazz. And while we’re dancing at LCC parties in Second Life, these guys are packaging the next round of updates and pushing them out to our computers.

So if you happen, after a long time of aimless distro hopping, to finally find your distro, the one and only Linux, the one that fits you like a glove, please consider sending some monies into the devs’ general direction.

poundsYou know the cost of a copy of Windows is generally considered around 100,- US$. Your fave Linux distro, which you chose gladly over Win and love the heck out of and use it every single day because it makes you feel so much better … that super Linux ain’t even worth 5 lousy bucks for you?

nomailOh well, and that brings me to parte deux of this early morning post: Remember my announcement of wanting to start a little short series about installing Linux on a spare machine and get you set up in the Linux world? Well, the response to that and this post was a little underwhelming in so far that I received only about zero replies to them. So let’s try it again:

linuxkidPlease everybody who’s interested in doing a short but comprehensive quasi-live guided installation and first steps in Linux, please let me know. If there’s no feedback coming in I’m not gonna do it. Because for me it’s brain- and time-consuming as well. It’s labour that I can spare myself if I do it for no effect at all. I know how to install Linux on my machines, doing it every other day, and feel no urgent need to do it again, even with snapping some screenshots and writing a lot.

linuxgurumugHeck, even if you’re already on Linux and/or won’t need some super n00bish instructions on how to do an easy task on toddler level, please let me know. I need to feel again how technologically advanced or behind everybody here is.


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