Gov’ment Vs the People

Consumer rights activists take part in a march to protest against TTIP and CETA in Frankfurt
Consumer rights activists take part in a march to protest against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) in Frankfurt, Germany, September 17, 2016. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

By now even the slowest dumfuck has got it in their head that TTIP and CETA are nothing but bad news for … for everybody, really. These two accords are instruments for giving corporations quasi control over legislation. That’s what we usually have our gov’ments for, isn’t it?


Methinks 160,000 is quite an impressive number for a simple protest march. Me also thinks our heads of gov’ment should take note and react accordingly. Frau Merkel, Herr Gabriel, do I have to remind you that you are supposed to be working for us, in our service, for which you are rather well-paid and get fancy service cars and a nice offices? You exist because we let you! Because we tolerate you. So how about getting some work done and earning your salaries by telling those American and Canadian business people where they can stick their contracts?

Fuk it, we are Europe’s powerhouse and export world champions! We didn’t become that strong by sacrificing our ideals and feeding our money to some parasitic deal brokers from overseas. Germany doesn’t need any second rate trade deals which do us no good in the first place.

Friends, you know that Orca ain’t a patriotic bitch in the least. You know that I’m as critical and sceptical towards Germany as even thinkable. But really, as a German citizen (which I am, sorry) I find it intolerable how these two idiots are throwing our rights and our money away. For what? For the privilege, the questionable privilege to serve as one of the USA’s minions in Europe and fuck up all the lucrative business with Russia and China? For no good reason at all? Is that what you want? Really? You fukn idiots! 😦



  1. Actually your rant against the US in general is painted with too broad a brush. United States workers are being screwed by the same MULTI NATIONAL CORPRERATIONS as German workers. In a way even saying that is still painting with too broad a brush because it is really the top 1% of the executives of these multi national corperations whoes only loyality is to increasing their personal wealth. And screw the workers who produce that wealth.


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