That’s Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Haha, busted!

Since days the innerwebz is slow af, YouTube buffers like a buffer and nothing really goes well. With a little bit of research at our ISP’s website I found out why it’s all gone to shit. Some stupid assclowns wanted to steal the fibre cable, hoping it would be copper they can sell at a scrapyard. Fukn nitwits:


Police are no joke.

Haha, our ISP thanks us for our patience. Funny guys, what do they think we’d do if we were less patient, eh? Subscribing with a new ISP also takes time and paperwork n shit and until you’re connected with some competitor (who might suffer from the same network problem) it can take days. Anyway, since like one hour or so the situtation looks far better. I could even watch a YT video on 1080 … unbuffered! 🙂

These guys were lucky.

Meanwhile the company supposed to lay fibre to the home in our complex are dragging their feet. 😦 It might take some more time until little Orcsi is on sexy fibre. Maybe weeks, more probably some months. Arrgs. 😮

This idiot less so. Stealing live powercables is risky business.

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