WOW! Not Bad, Renee

Renee Zellweger about Donald Trump:

“The language that he uses perpetuates a particular way of communicating that standardizes cruelty and mean-spiritedness as a culture norm”

I have not only to concur with Mrs. Zellweger in this point but need to add that his vocabulary isn’t just primitive and his statements generally questionable, he actually sounds like 80% of the millenials. Now I know why I think so lowly of them. What Trump and the millenials have in common is the uplifting of bad behaviour and selfishness and cruelty to accepted cultural norms and even turn them into virtues. They actually enjoy being assholes. 😦

Renee Zellweger then and now.




  1. I agree with Renee except I would add the word BIGOT to describe Donald Trump. The problem for me personally is the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is a lying, cheating, crook, and war monger. As I say Hillary’s BS smells as bad as Trump’s BS. Both are DESPICABLE.

    So as hard as it is for me I’m actually not voting in the November election. I am actually an old Hippy and have voted for Democrats for 47 years but this year the Democratic Party left me!

    To tell you how involved I am in US politics I have a framed invitation to President Obama and Biden’s 2008 inauguration on my wall. When I put it up it was with pride and hope. Today I still keep it on the wall but it is a mark of shame and reminds me how crooked most Politicians are.

    One exception is Jill Stein of the US Green Party. To give you an idea her policies are very similar to Bernie Sanders. In my opinion they are actually more progressive and would make the US a better citizen of the world. I prefer them!

    Unfortunately the Green Party of the US doesn’t stand much chance in the 2016 US elections. Mainly because of the bias the current Republican and Democratic parties use to suppress third and fourth parties.

    I don’t agree with your low opinion of millennials. Some are superficial and assholes but others are very progressive. Remember gay marriage was a BIG issue in the US and it was millennials who basically said “What is the problem!” and now discrimination on whom you love and want to marry is against the law in the US.

    This is really a problem for the Hillary Clinton and the establishment Democratic Party. There is no politically correct way to put this but during the Democratic Party primary elections politically active millennials where shit on by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment. That is important because the dependable Democratic Party voters are older and dying off and millennials have long memory.

    I’m supporting the Green Party of the US really for 2020 and beyond. I do think environmentally, militarily, socially, and economically things will hit the fan. US citizens will finally realize that the world is all in this together and the US is part of the world.

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    • Yes Willow, I see your points. Usually I’d urge anybody in any democratic country to cast their votes. Even if I don’t like their opinions. I see it as kinda duty for each and every citizen to at least vote if you’re too lazy to actively work in politics. But your situation in the US is as fucked-up as never before, leaving you only with the choice between pest and cholera … so abstaining from the vote is indeed the best option.

      I particularly liked what you said about the DP left you. It’s the same what happened to me in Germany: When Gerhard Schröder became chancellor he left the old social democratic paradigm and followed Tony Blair’s “Party of the Center” approach. I said No fukn way!, my heart beats on the left side of the chest, and immediately started supporting “The Left” party. They are, despite a shady past as the former ruling party of the GDR, the only party still attempting social democratic politics left in Germany now. I know they don’t have many chances outside of regional politics and I’m not voting anymore anyway since I’m too far away from Germany, and postal vote is too complicated. But at least I’m not supporting Merkel and her corporations-friendly politics. She really wanted to have Germany sign the antihumane TTIP contract. And her vice, a so-called social democrat, is driving the CETA shit hard. Had I any say I’d impeach both of them for high treason!

      Just happy to be out of that madhouse.

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  2. Though you’d want to know orcaflotta it’s another example of we’re all in this together. The US is caught in the bad for the people and but good for the corporations trade deal fight as the rest of the world. In our case it is currently the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)

    What is ironic is that now Hillary Clinton says she is against congressional approval. But when she was Secretary of State she called it the golden example of a wonderful trade deal. But there was so much voter opposition after she started running for president she flip flopped.

    Voters that know her record are aware she will flip flop back the other way after the election. BTW interesting fact she was fired from one of her first Washington jobs in the early 70’s on the Watergate Commission for lying. She has done it ever since.

    To pile irony on irony President Obama is now saying he will force approval of the TPP through congress during the lame duck session. That is the time between the election in November and when the newly elected members of congress and the new president take office. In other words congressional representatives that failed to win reelection will decide the future trade policy or the United States. Doesn’t seem very democratic does it?

    On a personal note I have another reason for not voting in November. I would like to vote for Jill Stine of the Green Party. But I happen to live in a one of the three states where the only option is to physically write her name in. When I was younger I suffered a physical injury which means I can’t write legibly so I’d have to request the assistance of a poll worker.

    This area is also filled with red necks (Think of someone who so neglects their personal hygiene that their neck is red from scrubbing the caked dirt off.) Those people are crazy and I don’t want to see my tires slashed or my wheelchair turned over with me in it. Chalk up fear of physical violence as one of the wonderful effects of this crazy US election. Don’t think I exaggerate it’s already happened to handicapped people in this “land of the free”.

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    • Oh. I understand you’re dwelling in some of the southern states, right? I was in Florida once and didn’t like it at all. That was in 98, so long before the 9/11 stuff. Still I felt some underlying aggression lingering in the air. Tried to keep my visits to restaurants and pubs as short as possible as the indigenes started a pub brawl once and nearly ruined my pretty nice steak. No, that was indeed ruined by weak American beer that was served to me in a tin can. Was in a tiny tiny hamlet at the shores of lake Okeechobee, an otherwise lovely place if it weren’t for those hicks.


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