Usually I Wouldn’t …

… even mention this Linux distro:


I mean, ok, I have reviewed Peppermint Linux for this bloggy in the past already. And I found it was ok, maybe more than just ok … but I didn’t like it. That’s no problem usually, since I don’t like any other distro than my own Manjaro exactly as it appears on my desktop, and it doesn’t mean that other distros are bad because of my personal taste and spoiledness.

But Pepppermint is a different beast altogether. See, what they obviously successfully tried to accomplish here was making a kinda ChromeOS, which means you’re working online most of the time and save your results in the cloud. And that, for me, is a big no-no. Sorry, but I just don’t trust the cloud. Told you already I’m in the Linux thing for philosophical and realpolitic reasons as much as for the technology. No, even more since don’t have much of a clue about shit. 😉

Second reason why I abstain from Peppermint is the simple fact it’s based on Ubuntu. While that in itself ain’t a bad thing, I’m just a tiny bit too advanced to deal with that code base. Not saying you shouldn’t have a peek at Peppermint. It might turn out to be just what you wanted, a nice workhorse on your mobile computer.

Hmm, coming to think of it, maybe I should try Peppermint again … on OrcNet. Should be kinda fast but complete and … fuck, I’ll do it!

Is OrcNet about to become a modern computing device?

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