Really Firefox and Chrome, Really?


What a shocker! I mean, ok, Chrome is an industry minion owned by Google but FF? I can’t believe it. Let’s try out The Pirate Bay:


Hmmm, looks okay and healthy on my screen. What else you got in store for us, FF and Chrome?


TPB let’s me view all the results of my search for some Star Wars flicks. So far so good. But now I shall try to actually start a torrent, which is highly illegal as we all know, and I’d never do in reality. So please rights owners, forgive me for this experiment in the name of science …


Ooopsie! Seems Torrent Freak’s report was correct! They blocked the actual download pages because they might contain malware n shitz. But see the little message in the lower right corner? I guess it’s comprehensible for Anglophiles as well. It says I want to ignore the warning. LOL, you know stuntgirl Orca knows no fear. She does everything for her readers. Everything!!! Soooooo… *Click*


Torrent starts without any delay and without any problems. Business as usual. Of course I stopped the torrent immediately. IMMEDIATELY!!! Hear that, interwebz police? I FUKN STOPPED THE TORRENT IMMEDIATELY! And I deleted even the little crippled data I got in the few seconds it was running. Was just a little clueless science experiment.

Little Orcsi is innocent and soft as a baby’s ass.

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