“The World’s Most Powerful Editor”



Read this article and weep. Cry for the state of our modern world, where bombing children isn’t as “bad” as showing pictures of what our armies had “achieved”. Or was it Kim Phuc’s nudity that got her image censored, which would be even more ridonculous?

And censoring this world famous photograph over again, even from the FB page of the Norwegian PM is nothing short of a scandal. Almost on a level with the NSA’s bugging of the German Chancellor’s private phone.

Anyhoo, however you look at it or whatever Zuck’s reasons may have been, we now know for a fact what a careless sociopath that guy is. And Orca feels smug and holier than thou because she never ever was member of Facebook’s antisocial network. <– Good girl. 😉

Speaking of Facebook, don’t you think that having a publicly viewable blog is kinda enough social networking for a single person? If I wanted to show you the photos of my fancy nekosushi meal I’d post them here on Orcablog:

Neko-Sushi – Les Chats Sushi venus du Japon… | Ufunk.net
Like so.


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