If You Were On Linux Already …

… you could just open the Terminal and type in lscpu


… and a second later you’d get the exact type and specs of your computer’s processor typed out for your information. Good to know, right?

No, it’s boring af and bullshit. But this was just an example of what you could do with it … if you were on Linux already. But no, you dummies all had to trip into the trap and download Win10. Is that like a compulsive disorder, mass psychosis or a secret wish for a fascist overlord?


Anyway, too late now, the damage is done. You got the worst Windows of all times infecting your computer (it’s still yours, no?) because it was “free”. Yaya, as if. A free license isn’t the same as owning your personal copy. Far from actually. If it was truly yours you could tell your Windows to stop the crap and get outta your hair. But you can’t. Microsoft won’t allow you fiddling with Windows. So they will shut your PC down whenever they deem it necessary to shit some security updates onto your hard drive or delete your “dangerous” pirated games. No matter if you’re currently busy racing with Lucy at TrYC, cruising with Kitten or Chaos or streaming to a 130,000 strong audience. Microsoft don’t give a singular fuck.

But you don’t have to suffer much longer, as I will start a comprehensive Linux for Sexy Avatars and Stupid n00bs mini-series probably like next week or so. And believe me, we’ll make it very easy and comprehensible …


… so even ungeeky unbrainiacs such as Orcow will get it. Trust me, it will be a fun little project and won’t take much more than an hour of your valuable time.


You won’t even have to read complex manuals …


… and at the end of the project you’ll have your beloved avie inworld SL, completely Linux powered … and partying happily!


Just do me one solid pleez. Let me friggin know if you’re gonna do it or not. Hey, for me it’s no thing installing a new Linux system, still I’d prefer sitting idly around or doing other stuff instead of typing Linux for Dummies posts. Got it? So if you’re interested at all please let me know. Either in the comments or privately if you’re shy or hate the public. I’m here: orca.flotta@gmail.com. And soon you can brag about your new status as a free person with … linuxinside

So, let’s do this some time next week. Oh, that’s for me. You can read and do it anytime you wanna. But please, get that spare machine. We don’t wanna risk the health of your Windows system and we’re not even remotely interested in Virtual Machines and/or Dual Booting Linux/Win from the same hard drive. KISS= Keep It Simple Sexy.

If you want to get started on your own or at least prepare yourself already, please surf to Point Linux’s download page and …


… download the 3.2 stable version with MATE desktop and 32 or 64-bit, according to your desktop. From 2010 on everything is 64-bit, earlier machines are soso and everything that came originally with WinXP is most probably 32-bit. When in doubt just chose the 32-bit version. It works on all computers.

Why Point Linux? It’s not even a n00b friendly distribution. Right, it ain’t a particularly made for n00bs distro but it’s easy and basic, comes with the most traditional desktop and GUI you can imagine and won’t confuse our feeble n00bish minds with an overload of info dump. It’s just a nice basic but very stable Debian system. I guess I mentioned it before: Orca herself would totally rock Point Linux if she wasn’t already married to Manjaro.

Then burn the downloaded ISO file on a DVD or create a bootable USB stick. Can’t help you with that, sorry. Don’t have a Windows machine in the house to find out how it’s done.

Following that all you gotta do is setiing the boot order of your dedicated Linux machine to DVD or USB as first bootable drive in BIOS. Oh yes, and of course get rid of all the Secure Boot and UEFI bullcrap. But that’s no problem since older computers don’t have that shite in their BIOSes.

Then you’re ready to start cooking up the awesomesauce. 😉

Image - Awesomesauce.png - Comic Crossroads


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