The Autonomous Collective …

… is growing sloooowly … but steadily! Newest member in our matriarchic anarchist landowner’s club (in which we’re all chiefs without indians) is the charming and sexay Crystal (elf.wingtips).

fltr: Crystal (she’s really an elf), Orca (real bitch), Sammie (bitch, too).

Sammie introduced Crystal to the leadership of our small empire (me, since I made myself another leader among leaders) and I made her an Officer in the group and gave her rez rights on our vast expanses of property along the East river. I only knew Crystal from forum or somesuch but have never met her in person before. Anyway, now she’s one of us. Welcome Crystal to the home of the bitches and the land of the free! And if you want you may donate your 512 to the group for further growth of our empire. =^.^⁼


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