Don’t Listen To Orca …

… for she’s like Jon Snow and knows nothing. Better listen to Inara Pey and ZZ Bottom as they know what it’s all about:


Please read Inara’s expert article on Windows’ latest shenanigans and ZZ’s easy conclusion “And this is why im getting far far away from win10”. And then decide for yourself if you can still justify staying on such a haphazard amateurish system. OpenGL issues? Fuck, isn’t OpenGL the graphics system of Second Life? Yes it is. Our whole stupid world is OpenGL. That’s why Nvidia graphic cards are having less problems than AMD cards. Good and fine but what if Momma Microsoft’s youngest problem child has developed antibodies against OpenGL, as it looks like just now?

Hm, well, yes, maybe … just maybe Orca wasn’t so wrong with her prediction about Win10 being a regular shitfest? And maybe, just maybe you should’ve joined the rebel alliance long ago and changed to the light side. Fuk, install Linux right away! It’s the right thing to do, it’s the only thing to do! You, me, we all know that Linux is going to rule the world, so don’t get left behind but jump aboard the Linux train. Choo Choo!


It’s not too late … yet.


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