Really, Logan, really?

After he singlehandedly destroyed the Tek Syndicate by driving away his much more tech savvy peers, Wendell and Quain, Logan wants to boast about his brandnew MSI lappy. That’s ok, very ok. It’s a remarkable piece of technology. BUT like half a year ago he and Wendell started a new channel, Tek Linux, and told us how super and cool Linux is.


After not even a handful of videos they stopped. And now, after receiving his new laptop that is full to the brim with bloatware, he’s coming up with some helpful tipps and tricks how to get rid of all that crappola.

Logan, you stupid stupid manchild, there is so much wrong with the MSI’s original configuration, the best idea would be to format the hard drive and do a fresh install. And didn’t we talk about your love for Linux just a moment  ago? Why not replacing that shitty Win10 with a nifty Linux OS? Only that would be truly epic! Ya, ok, I get it. It’s a gaming machine and Linux ain’t the gamer’s first choice for that task but still I have to ask. Where is your pride?

Tek Syndicate team in better times.

Adding to that he made a similar video like maybe two years ago with another (back then) new MSI laptop, so what he tells us in this video is nothing new. Boy o boy, with videos on such a level Tek Syndicate won’t survive very long in YouTube’s harsh reality.

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