Do I Sense A Pattern Here?


Let me get that straight: While Russia directly supports the official Syrian gov’ment in their fight against ISIS the USA tries to fight Syria and parts of ISIS by nurturing and raising the next terror militia, right?

Both the US and Russia have been on opposing sides of the five-year long civil war that has led to hundreds of thousands of Syrians being killed, internally displaced and forced to leave the country.

Russia has shown support for the Syrian government, while the US has bolstered pro-democracy and Kurdish groups on the ground in its campaign against the Islamic State (IS) group.

NWO3So in fact the USA couldn’t give less fucks about ISIS, as they are a product of former approaches to do the same but they are trying now to raise the next ISIS just in order to get rid of Assad. Reasons will stay unknown. But what everybody does know is that the Kurds are a very primitive people, total Islamic hardliners and have shown time and again that they aren’t interested in outside mingling by the West in any way. You think the Turks are an unreliable ally? Think twice before dealing with the Kurds. A people without a country is a dangerous people.

Is the USA’s plan doomed supposed to backfire badly? Are the USA stupid as everyone assumes? No, quite the contrary. All this chaos in the middle east, in Persia and Arabia is part of a long-term plan to destabilize the region, make it dependent of the USA and exploit its resources. So it’s already a goldmine for the 1% and it’s supposed to become even more profitable in the future.

KierkegaardRemember the last choppers out of Saigon in 1974? How they were tossed off the aircraft carriers? What the world saw was the mighty USA defeated by the heroic free people of Vietnam. What we didn’t see was the glee in the eyes of the manufacturers of said choppers, as they just made a new contract with the armed forces to supply even more helis. For which the American taxpayer had to pay. Perfect new world order, no?


So, why aren’t we even shocked when reading news random fluff like this?

What makes the ascent of Khalimov particularly embarrassing for the US is that The former paramilitary unit commander of the Tajikistan armed forces received his battlefield training from American advisors and even came to the United States on several occasions to receive special counterterrorism training through the US State Department’s Diplomatic Security/Anti-Terrorism Assistance program.

NWO1Because, come on, we knew it. Maybe not exactly about this Khalimov character, as he plays no role in the  grand scheme of things. But what we already knew was that the USA is playing a lot of underhanded games in world politics. And it’s a beautiful game in so far that even when it appears as if the USA loses on the battlefront – what they apparently rarely do – there is this distinctive Ka-Chinng! sound to hear from the wallets of certain American elite a-holes.

NWO2And you thought it was all about America when president Bush was talking about the New World Order, didn’t you? Yes, poor deceived you. You should know these people don’t share your dumdumb patriotism, else they wouldn’t be evading taxes so brillantly. They view your country as a free-for-all supermarket of opportunity. And that’s what is meant by “land of the free” in your National anthem. Nowadays they should rephrase that to “land of the free market” but let’s not get into nitpicking now. Better learn to duck and cover all over again. But this time duck and cover from your own corporate overlords.



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