Internet And Intellect

And that is true!

It’s so often lately, that I leave internet discussions deeply disturbed and shaking my head at what I just read from some people. Yes, they know all the facts, they know all the details, they are kinda smug and technically better informed than I. But then, what they make of it is often soooo utterly stupid it defies all possible schools of thought, it marks them as total idiots.

“Hey, you’re a socialist … so you’re basically a nazi! They were national socialists. So you’re wrong and all you life was a lie.” They tell you such crap in order to justify their rightness when exploitoing other people, totally forgetting that the term socialist in Hitler’s party was totally misplaced and didn’t fit in with their actions. As a  socialist I’d never support racism and concentration camps and all that shit. Same as the term patriot is totally misplaced in American political parties. They are just using this most basic and primitive, yet totally diffuse emotion of the most basic and primitive voter to get their votes.

Correlations (that don’t prove causation) are easy to come by our data-rich age. It’s harder to figure out what they’re telling us.

… remarks William Poundstone in his article so nicely.

But that won’t deter our political experts why? Because they have never learned the forgotten art of differentiation. Because they have forgotten – or never learned – how to switch from broadcasting ones opinion to receiving other people’s opinions, listen and comprehend.

And while “Patriotism is the pride of people who have achieved nothing” is a worthwile argument, “USA! USA! USA!” is not. But I guess they will find some facts to prove that a senselessly shouted out parole is in fact an argument.

Real stupid people love to argue with all their knowledge out of context. As soon as you told some forum bully where they err in multiple points they come up with some “new study” that shows how women are vastly inferior to men, so they don’t need to listen to any reasoning. No matter what I say, it must be wrong and my opinion was factually born out of hysteria and sexual frustration. Oh wow, there is sooo much to say about that point, particularly when made by a 12 y/o adolescent boy, living in momma’s basement … but for me it’s a clear signal to leave that “discussion” immediately.

… looking things up is easiest for those who have a sense of historical and cultural context. Without that, it’s difficult to craft an effective search, or even to know what you should searching for.

“Tell me all about it”

It’s the same people who “refuse to read your wall of text”. After you just spent half an hour disarming them on the intellectual, battlefield in various points they did so themselves in a short sentence. Sorry, my wall of text consisted of less than 100 words, carefully selected and splitted into 3 paragraphs, done in correct grammar and even using some kind of interpunctuation. And those mind dwarfs think by refusing to read it they made a strong argument and an important point against me? Tell me again why did you enter the podium in the first place?

But then one notices No, they aren’t intellectual dwarfs, they are just normal people. Jaded and biased and badly behaved but typical humans on broadcasting mindset. Deep down we are such a lowly race of mammals.



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