Moar Freebie!

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The legendary SL viewer, the people pleaser, the folksviewer … that Firethingie celebrates its 6th anniverary right now. And as Firestorm is a gift that keeps on giving they always come up with something nice for their faithful users (such as Orca if she wasn’t married to Singularity already, sorry). This year it’s a car, even a nice car as far as cars go:

Experts see it at first glance, it’s a Firestorm Trans AM.
The Trans AM comes with the usual and bestest vehicle script in SL, so it’s up to par with the best commercial vehicles. And it can do tricks, like opening all the hatches.
Orca’s rolling disco. Whoa! If that isn’t the most blinding driving lights of any SL car.
Orca took the roof down and enjoys the open road.
Weeee! My favourite rollercoaster ride on Nautilus’s north route.
Too bad there’s no size adjuster in the script. Orca feels like a little kid in this supersized cruiser. 😦



  1. I’ve used Firestorm for years. Not because of the freebies or its advance features but Phoenix version it can be set up as the early SL user clients. I’ve been in SL over 11 years and I don’t want to learn all these new features just enjoy being in world.

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    • Mhm, it’s the same lazyness that keeps me away from V2 and V3 viewers. Or let’s not say lazyness but unwillingness to accept the less good solutions of the modern viewers over the good old V1 viewer. In so far I was never really satisfied with Phoenix but am very pleased with Singularity which really looks and feels like the LL 1.23 viewer. And it gives me the best framerates, which is kinda important for vehicle users.

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