The Switchover Made Complicated

This is a very interesting document someone, or a whole  group of someones, have invested quite a lot of time and dedication, love and knowledge into …

… and it doesn’t end here.

Yesyes, it’s correct: Everybody still on a Windows XP machine, particularly when using the interwebz with it, should have upgraded to Win7, Win8.1 and Win10 long ago. Or even better, considering the age of your hardware, left the Windows walled garden for good and entered the world of GNU/Linux and FOSS. It’s the best way to give your old machine a new lease on life and make it a useful member of your hardware pool again.


I mean, are they fukn crazy? Who’s supposed to read all that crap, who wants to know all those details? Are we super clever androids or are we super sexy SL bimbos? The latter, eh? That’s why we’re reading this questionable website blogthingy in the first place, that one where this one bishie tells us all that bullshit. But what she does make so remarkably nice is pushing us all away from Windows and into the wonderful fancy world of Linux … without drafting ultra large and ultra unreadable documents. What that Orca bishie does is recommending the easiest options that give us a quick and painless … and most lazy experience when we first foray into Linux. As she never tires to repeatedly tell us it’s all about empowerment, about being awesome n stuff. And how much more easy it is to be awesome with Linux than it ever was to be awesome on Windows.

As SL sailors you know some cute as buttons and certifiably awesome girls, i.e. Trapez Breen and awesome to a lesser extent Orca on Linux, and Béa Woodget and Sammie Vintner on Mac. Isn’t that kinda unbelievable, all that awesomeness without ever touching the Microsoft infrastructure? I think it is!

And awesomely cheap it is too: A Linux system, including all the expert software that would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of €$€$€$, is completely free. That includes a complete office suite and a photoshop-like design software. And you’ve got nothing to lose in the first place. Because, and he honest now, your old XP lappy is serving as a doorstop or dust catcher right now, no? What a frigggin’ shame. 😦

Because that’s what we want and need: An escape from Microsoft’s grip on us, a taste of freedom and self-determination, a choice and our own voice. We wanna be awesome as well! And for that we surely don’t have to file through a 1,000 pages of technical documentation. As experience of countless other Linux users shows, installation and first steps in Linux is quite quickly done and easy as eating pie.

That’s why I won’t give up my Linux crusade!


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