Another Dream Goes Poof. :(

Couple days ago I was talking to Jean, my Linux Gurujin, but not about Linux as I’m very happy with my system right now but about our classical car project. You might remember this hunchback Volvo …


… which is for sale for a rather humble price and hubby has set his eyes on. You must know Jeannie doesn’t not only know everything about Linuxy stuffz but owns a car restoration business in RL and is some kinda super engineer or sumfink, a regular car geek, so I asked her about the hunchback … and she was like »Oh hell girl, noes!« 😮

Seats with headrests? What blasphemy!

Shock and shit and why not, please??? Oh, she had a thousand reasons for us to stay away from this particular Volvo. Believe it or not but she saw some spots, ugly patched up with glass fibre at the front skirt and … much more importantly, she knows the very wide tires are killer for the suspension. Jeannie thinks purchasing this hunchback will end up as an endless money grave for us. Oh, see that the dealer’s put the front bumper back on?

Passenger door doesn’t fit so nicely.

She prophesized the same for our Holden (Chevrolet), aka “The Totally Terrific Turd”, “Blue Turd”, “His Grey Eminence” … and so far she was absolutely correct. By now we’ve invested 20 times the purchase price into the restoration. We planned originally that 10 times would be enough. :/ So when hubby thought the hunchback would free us from that one moneypit and give us the peace of mind one gets when investing in something as solid as swedish steel, he was completely off. 😦

See that? There is another orange Volvo P544 two cars farther up the row.

Second, almost more important reason to let the Volvo slip: The hunchback is rather small, internally it won’t give us any more space than a VW bug. And that’s when I said »Hell noes!« since we’re so used to the Chev’s spaciousness by now and are in no mood to give that up.


The legendary P18 motor looks nice and clean. But swapping our generous 4.1 ltr for 1.8???


But now … Uiuiui, what’s that?


Is even cheaper than the one off the dealership in Durban, 47,000 ZAR and looks to be in a bit better condition. Now let’s see what the guru has to say about this one. 😉

Seats look like real leather and are sans headrests. As supposed. Cool.

But, whoa, it’s located in a Jo’burg suburb, so even further away than the other Volvo in Durban. :/

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