Creepy Facebook Is Creepy


I know exactly why I never became a sheeple member of Facebook. And it’s more reasons, like real reasons, not just the most basic fact of Orca being an antisocial introvert. I guess becoming member of a social network that was the brainchild and is owned by a certifiable sociopath is just a stupid idea in principle.



    • Ok, most I know about Zuck is from the movie, in which he’s portrayed as a royal assclown. Hardly functional in the presence of other people, always scheming and deceiving others and showing no respect for his customers. I guess this is all neatly researched and not just dramatic appearance. I mean the whole concept of getting rich on the internet, whithout delivering anything useful is highly suspect in the first place. And making your money by datamining your clientele without any regards for privacy and sensitive data is indeed very sociopathic. And if you look at most of the CEOs of the top 500 corporations, they all show signs of sociopathic behaviour.


      • Hun , it’s a thing called a service agreement. You are wise because you don’t agree to FB’s service agreement and therefore don’t use FB. You see that’s the problem with modern society however. They don’t read these agreements, then complain,, whine , and generally act all surprised when they relise they signed their rights, privacy , and all sorts of other things away. You generally get what you deserve. Don’t read the terms and just click the “I accept” button and you are the person at fault. Jeez, I’m surprised they haven’t added the “bend over and bark like a dog” clause yet. Know what you are agreeing to folks!


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