One More Post About Linux 25th Birthday

Found this nice infographic on OMG Ubuntu:


Kinda impressive figures, no? Why they included the Android and Chromebook numbers as well escapes me tho. I bet 99% of all Android dummyphone users and 88% of Chromebook users won’t even know that their machines are powered by a Linux derivative under the hood. So they didn’t decide on Linux per se but wanted to have a certain phone and an ultra cheap laptop.

What I find much more important and really telling about Linux’s quality as a top notch operating system is that 497 of the top 500 supercomputers are powered by Linux proper. And what I really would like to know is the exact number of internet servers runing on Linux. I’ve heard an estimate of over 80% but would like to get the correct percentage.

And of course my least favourite figure in the graphic is the 1.87% “market” share, which I find dishearteningly small. Why don’t people see reason?

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