A New Old Car?

What we have now:

1976 Chevy Constantia Station Wagon: Very fugly, very rare.

What hubby has set his eyes on as our next adventure:

Volvo PV544
1962 Volvo PV 544, “Hunchback”: Not as rare but much nicerer.

Look at this thing. Despite its oldtimey looks the PV544 was a ralley winner back in the day and was and still is legendary for its bombproof indestructability and lively driving attributes. That’s some swede sweet engineering. 🙂 And this Hunchback Volvo is already nicely modded with tinted windscreen, nice shiny orange paintjob, replaced bumpers with sorta spoiler and nice fat wheels. This is kinda hotrod! 🙂 Maybe a bit overdone for only driving it to the local mall? But I can see myself in that thing, I imagine us becoming good friends. Should drive 10 times nicer than the fukn Chevy.

And it’s only 49,000 ZAR, a sum we should easily get for the Grey Eminence. Maybe we can even create a small profit. 🙂



The view from behind reveals why the PV 544 got its nickname. But it’s all good since the boot is really beeeeeeg inside.


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