No Linux KDE In Orcablog EVER!

Hah! No! That’s not entirely true. As hubby sometimes abuses my OrcNet lappy for testing out KDE distros here you can see …


… the totally fresh Mint 18 KDE BETA version that’s out since just one or two days now. Doesn’t look as complicated as I always say it is, does it? But trust me, first impressions aren’t always correct and for most users KDE is a major pita. Starting but not ending with my inability to find a screenshot function and having to photograph the Operating System in its natural habitat.


But anyhoo, hubby’s enthusiasm for Mint’s rendition of KDE Plasma 5 isn’t that great. Mumbling a half-hearted “yaaaa” in his beard doesn’t sound like he’s a real fanboy. He says Plasma 5 hasn’t convinced him yet and if he’d be forced to go with Plasma 5 he’d choose Manjaro’s version of it over Mint’s. \o/ YAY! Cool! \o/ But as nobody’s forcing him (this ain’t Microsoft) he’ll just stay on his old geezer’s boring Kubuntu 14.04 … :/ Pffrz.

Talking about boring, many ppl say my fave desktop environment, MATE, is sooo oldfashioned and outdated it’s the most boring thing they’ve ever seen. To which I say “YES!”

An operating system is supposed to be boring, as we’re not really working in the OS but in the software applications. I expect my OS to be boring, to make itself small and duck behind all the cool softwares. I expect my OS to get out of the way. So what’s the difference between Hubby’s Kubuntu 14.04 and my MATE? Easy, hubby’s KDE is not just complicated but it’s really old by now (April 2014) while my MATE just looks old but get’s updated up to 6 times a day. Hubby’s shit is really old while my shit is sexy and totally up to date.

My MATE looks old af but you know what they say about first impressions …

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