Let’s Go Camping: In The City


Bay City to be more exact. Of course I wouldn’t even dream of doing an overnighter in CoLA or similar RP cities with all that criminal pack n zombies and drug dealers and hookers n stuff. But Bay City is known as a rather nice little city with ameneties and a very nice population. Also it’s connected to Sansara’s vast network of Linden Roads. So I thought why not trying to find a place for Sambabus and very sleepy me.

Bay City has a heart for mobilists: A “speed limit” of 75 mp/h on BC’s main road is rather … uh well, unlimited. 🙂
The grid-famous Hairy Hippo Funland ain’t my destination for today. This weary traveller just needs a place where she can lay her head to rest.
But BC’s lively public transport system demands attention at every second. No slacking off here.
Thank God for a sound infrastructure. Here at this food truck I purchase all my calories for the night.
Not easy finding your way in BC. The labyrinth of canals, bridges and narrow side roads is very confuzzling.
Ahaaa, finally open sea to the North and a promenade to drive on …
… which turned out not to go to a nice place, so back into the labyrinth. 😦
BC is The Amsterdam of SL (said noone ever). All those canals make for a rather interesting driving experience tho.
Left or right? This little socialist’s instinct tells her to go left. Of course!
Hmmm, maybe a lekker burger before I tuck myself in?
This time it needs some serious offroading skills to get off the road and onto the beach …
… but despite many hurdles and a dangerous sim xing I manage to steer my classic folks bus onto the beach.
Rather nice location for an urban area, no?
I find a nice shady place behind the dressing tents.
Pheew, that wasn’t easy for a camping trip that didn’t even leave the city limits.
Without long explorations or dinner n shit I retire directly to my bunk.
Niteynite everybody. Cya laterz xoxxoox


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