A Cute Freebie Car

This freebie gem would’ve totally escaped my attention hadn’t I read about it in Natascha’s blog. So let me quickly introduce it to you before I go on my big camping trip with the Volksamba. 😉

It is the 2Zm Motors Dash by ADudeNamed Anthony. And what a cool and features packed little car this is. With and without roof, lights, engine, a plethora of style and paint changes. The works!
As my testing ground I chose Route 13, a road I don’t travel frequently. Dunno why, it’s nice uppydowny, swingylisciously curvacious and not too long. So a perfect vehicle testing ground.
Contrary to Nat’s brash pinkish paintjob I painted the Dash in a decent lindgreen/créme two tone design, quite fitting its 50s/60s appearance.
I guess there is no real existing blueprint for the Dash but ADudeNamed just tried to make a girlish 50s/60s car. And he succeeded completely. I love its stubby appearence. I couldn’t find the Dash in Anthony’s MP store so I guess you must go to his Hot Bay City Nights exhibition and grab it from there.
As always when I ride or drive the 13 I make a short stop to look at the infamous Knaptrackicon yacht club from the unfamiliar landbound point of view.
A bit further up North the sight opens to a second view of the Knaptrackicon lighthouse.
Unfortunately my test drive ends much too early in a kinda landslide situation. Can’t a girl concentrate on her lipgloss for some seconds before the road ends so rudely?
Fuck! Makeup ruined and I can’t back up the car out of this pickle. Fuckledeefuckfuck. 😮
But there … this ashram is a godsend. I will calm my nerves and replenish my chi with some meditation while I wait for the automobile club.


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