Last Night On The Grid

Ce Soir Arts_002
First order of Orca’s night was following a hint by art loving expert blogger Inara Pey’s recommendation to visit an exhibition by star photog Wildstar Beaumont.
Ce Soir Arts_003
Why Orcsi went to a boring art exhibition at the alarmingly repulsive  Ce Soir gallery I’ll tell you in the next photog … if you didn’t see it in Wildstar’s photos yet.
Ce Soir Arts_004
Easy, because it’s all about SAILING!
Ce Soir Arts_006
Then your reportix had to beam over to the Hot Bay City Nights Charity Car Wash event.
Ce Soir Arts_007
Boys n Girls, this clueless reporter has no idea what went wrong at The Lab or at The Grid but The Lag perfectly matched the topic of Hot Bay City Nights, old timey cars because it threw us back into the old times of early 2000’s laggyness.
Ce Soir Arts_008
Sorry you have to see half baked avatars washing perfectly rezzed cars. The lag, you know. :/
Ce Soir Arts_009
The Platypus mimicks a German amphibian car from the early 60s.
Ce Soir Arts_010
But the eager car washers also gave the one or other spaceship a nice splashdown.
Ce Soir Arts_011
Lots of very stylish classics …
Ce Soir Arts_012
… to see at the dealer’s exhibition area.
Ce Soir Arts_013
Whoa, I hardly know what I love most here.
Ce Soir Arts_014
But then I saw it!
Ce Soir Arts_015
A Vokswagen Samba Bus!!!
Ce Soir Arts_016
With perfectly comfy living quarters. Love it! Didn’t dare to clicker the Buy Me button coz the price will most probably be killing me.
Ce Soir Arts_017
But it’s nevertheless fun seeing the more freakish vehicles exhibited. A nicely meshed Piaggio Ape for me is more exciting than Elvis’s 23rd pink convertible.
Ce Soir Arts_018
Sorry Ferrari, race cars are boring.
Ce Soir Arts_019
I bet my hubby will get wood when he sees this BMW 2002 Tii. A smaller version of this, the 1802 was his first car in RL and he’s still a total fanboy. Dunno how he could ever let it go.
Ce Soir Arts_020
Loved these two: Landy and Dune Buggy are in my favourite cars list since earliest childhood.
Ce Soir Arts_021
Also loved this moped contraption.
Ce Soir Arts_022
Honest, Eddie, I dunno if I trust in “slightly used” hovering jet propelled cars.
Ce Soir Arts_023
Meanwhile back at the charity car wash …
Ce Soir Arts_024
… half-baked avies (fukn mesh bodies, eh?) were busy giving this nicely styled Isetta a lovingly applied rubdown.

Ce Soir Arts_026

Even famous BC bloggerista, Uccello Poultry herself, grabbed a sponge and started rubbing and rubbing until everything was nice and wet.

Ce Soir Arts_027
That moped contraption from earlier had a rather convincing price tag of just 100 Lins so your reporter couldn’t resist any longer.
Ce Soir Arts_028
Bay City’s tyr… mayor Mari McCann was busy promoting the event and tried to lure motorists off the highway and onto the BC fairgrounds.
Ce Soir Arts_029
Meanwhile busty Uccie had to convince herself of the cleanliness of her handiwork and went on a little test ride with a happy client.

Ce Soir Arts_030

An overview of the carwash and dealer area at Hot Bay City Nights.



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