The Coolest Police Force …

… must surely be the Lithuanian Police. Not only because of their geographical location but because of …


Dunno if they switched to Linux as their basic operating system as well but at least they are on a free and open source office suite. That’s an important first step. Your girl Orca was using open source software years before she even heard of the existence of Linux. Never paid a single penny for any software apart from the dreaded Windows. It’s the easiest and most simple step into the land of the free. 😉 Come on, be honest: What has basically changed in your writer or spread sheet software in the last, say, twenty years? Not much, eh? All that stuff had already matured before most of us got our first computers. And apart from shifting some menues back and forth in the panels there weren’t any changes in the operating paradigm neither. So if you’re typing on MS Word or on Libre Writer makes no fukn difference at all. So congrats to the Lithuanians for saving some tax money.


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