… And I’m Not Even Shocked

You didn’t know?

It’s sad isn’t it? As an upright, straight thinking democrat (not the American party but the ideology) one should be shocked and very very angry. One should demand answers and apologies and promises they never do such nasty shit again. One should be up the barricades and start a revolution! But no, we’re so used to all that crap leaking out of that agency and their gov’ment, by now all we can muster up as a reaction is a tired sigh.

And that’s the saddest part about all that. In the near future we will be so used to our own agencies (the ones we pay so much taxes for) consistently and repeatedly breaking the laws and constitutions of our Western world, there won’t even be a need for them trying to hide their activities anymore. They will start to boost about how they are destabilizing countries and whole regions, how they break into our computers, with what methods they will hold us down. And we will fight against immigrants or fans of the wrong football team. Because that will make us feel better, more powerful and less supressed. 😦


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