It’s The End Of The World!

Not as we know it but for realz this time! Listen, I could live with an idiot billionaire in the White House, I may even be capable of sharing the same planet with Texans and other low life but just look at these fresh US headlines …


… and then tell me we’re not living in the latter days. Hey there, Jehova’s Witnesses, where do I sign up for your cult? No, you’re not even remotely sympathetic in my eyes but there might be something true about your theory.



  1. Why focus one small isolated incidents as horrific as they are? What about the proliferation of wide spread slaughter of people in the middle east, Africa and elsewhere? What about the modern media’s cheapening of life in general? What about a whole second generation of kids being brought up on games, practicing on destroying lives, cities, races, whole generations, sometimes in the name of some imaginary cloud daddy living above the clouds?

    Take comfort though, the big rock from space is over due, that will handle things, one has to wonder what species will advance after that, reptiles again? Some intelligent sea animal? Let’s all hope it can finally get things right.

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    • Firtst, in my defend, I gotta say I found the list on Fefe blog and just took it as an example as to why some cults are doing so well. It was in no way meant to illustrate my frustration with the state of the world. To answer your second question, my money is on the roaches. They are supposedly rather resilient. Talking about resilient and sea animals: What will almost guaranteed survive the big impact is TPB. =^.^=

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    • LOL, fortunately I’m neither a US citizen nor anywhere near your country, Willow. So I don’t need to bother with its reputation or future. The bumper sticker is funny but we’re looking forward to a better future. It starts with Russia and Turkey becoming besties now and US must stay true to their “threat” and remove their nukes from Turkey. Whoohoo!

      \o/ A win for the planet! \o/


  2. Naaaw, not really. I bet that old potatoe hasn’t changed much in form and size, not since I’ve been born. It’s just we’re becoming to many.


  3. It change in the 1930’s when a few mad men cause a world war that cost fifty million lives. If you think the world hasn’t shrunk since then wake up and smell the coffee. It took days then to get from New York to London. Now it takes a few hours. Thanks to technological advances communications is almost instant. Like it or not we live in an interconnected world where what happens in the US effects Europe. We are all in this together.

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    • Oh you mean small world in that sense. I rather love how small it is, our beloved SL and the interwebz at large as prime examples. The rest I like less. The fact that the EU has to take care of war refugees that were created by US/NATO bombings is a scaring thought. Fortunately I’m not living there anymore. Here in Cape Town we probably have a Muslim majority but I never see any troubles or fights about religion and racial shite. Shows me it doesn’t have to be like ppl do in America and Europe. As you said, we’re all in this together.

      Still, if Trump builds a wall around you in order to protect Mexico it doesn’t have an immediate effect on me. Or if they start a shooting war with Russia – because PROFIT! – I’m still far away from them dummies. Even if my mail account and all my websites n shit are boiling over, I can still just go down to the beach and work on my tan. 😉
      The world is still big enough to allow me that freedom.


      • In a few months you will be concerned with radiation sores not tan. And living in South Africa will just delay things not make it a non event. Hillary Clinton will probably steal the US presenditial election. There is evidence that Trump is really a stalking horse for here and will throw the election to her.

        She is a war monger who basically not changed her war stance since she was a Goldwater Girl in 1964. Since you probly don’t realize this he wanted to use nuclear weapons against North Vietnam.

        Hillary wants to create a no fly zone in Syria that will bring the US into a direct military confrontation with Russia. Think about this we are not talking about a few dozen neuclear warheads we are talking about thousands.The US still has the capacity to render the whole planet earth uninhabitable ten times over. The acronym for this srtradgy in the Cold War was MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction officially. But just reading it gives you an idea of what it is really like.)

        The current military is too young to realize the effect neuclear weapons. They think of them as just bombs. An interesting situation is given by the Drake equation. One the terms is the life span of a technological civilization before it destroyed itself. We now know that planets are fairly common. Why has SETI picked up nothing?

        I grew up during the Cold War and that old feeling of dread is returning. Your living in the Souther Hemispher may protect you for a few months. If radiation doesn’t kill you neuclear winter will. Yes I’m scared shitless for you, me, and seven billion others. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER

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  4. There was a strong isolationist faction in the US during the 193o’s. That fell apart by 1941. Today it wouldn’t last that long.


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