Enthronification Of Gemma!

Did you know that ever after Francois’s passing Nantucket Yacht Club was basically a leaderless club? Me neither. Always thought they were so immaculately well organized, with a mighty steering committee and more officers than you can throw a stick at … but no. Anyway, throughout all the years one character at NYC stood out with her racing programme; she was more or less the personification of NYC, the posterchild of NYC.

Yeah, it’s Gemma Fuckowich, and if anybody has earned to be lifted on the position of being the Commodore of NYC it’s definately her!

Opening the festivities was an Jamaican Reggae Bellydance Particle Fireworks Show, presented and danced and  choreographed by three sexy dancers and one tranquilized elephant! Now I’ve seen it all. 😉
It was really beautiful …
… but also caused significant laaaaaaaaaaag.
Trust me, these incomplete avies are all famous figures of the sailing community … suffering severe symptoms of laggyness.
Where there’s lag the tinies can’t be far! Nobody’s as reliably hillarious as them.
Behind the “Wall of Lag” Benny got the party started with dancy tunes.
When girls climb onto the throne and become commodores, they also mostly evolve into ladies … but when their name is Gemma they use their popularity to clobber dance partners into unconsciousness with their handbag. But Gemma’s dress was truly the most talked about Gown of the Night. And don’t even get me started on That Wig! Ya, Gemma truly is what we call a “glowing, radiant beauty”.
TYC’s commodore Iteke was there of course …
… and so was TrYC’s ex-High Cheese Orca.
But since Orca’s only an Ex and went back to being a nobody she tried to stay incognito. =^.^=

Anyway, this was another occasion for NYC to show off their particular partying skills. I guess we all felt happy and welcomed in the relaxing atmosphere 3000 meters above the  clubhouse. Well done my friends, very well done. And big fat congratz again to Gemma. It was about time someone finally recognized her abilities and leadership qualities. I guess nobody quite stands so much for “sailing is sexy” quite as Gemma.











See what I did there, how cleverly I managed to use but hide my favourite word of all times in the text?



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