Only In America II


That bitch still not in jail???


You might know that I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. I think he’s nothing but a stupid brute in a suit but I hope he’ll win the election. Because as it looks now he will stop a lot of the USA’s outside mingling and concentrate more on internal problems and make America a recluse again = good for the world.

Also I start to  see his plans with that wall in a different light. I might even see why the Mexicans might be interested in helping Trump financing it. The number of Mexicans going back to Mexico is far greater than the number of Mexicans streaming into the USA – since years already. So what this wall will accomplish is holding Americans back from illegally fleeing to Mexico. 🙂 Knowing that most Americans don’t have a passport I guess it’d be a good longterm preventive plan for the Mexicans.

Now, Hillary Clinton on the other hand, she’s downright dangerous, has no bigger plan, doesn’t see the bigger picture, is nothing but an overly selfish powerhungry powerplayer. While Trump could be willing to listen to other world leaders (coz deep inside he knows he’s nothing but a troglodyte and got much to learn), with Hillary a WW3 – and imminent death for all of us – is almost guaranteed. 😮

Anyhoo, I’m not allowed to cast my vote in the USA, and I wouldn’t vote neither, even if I could. Having the choice between pest and cholera, between the greater and the lesser evil, is for me no basis on which to vote, it presents no choice for me at all.



  1. I’m not a fan of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Or as I put it on Twitter “Hillary BS stinks like Trump BS we are tired of being connoisseurs of BS.” They are both evil just in different areas.

    What made me ironically smile was when you said Trump could be willing to listen to other world leaders. Donald Trump is a bigoted egomaniac con man. Egotistical is the big part you missed. He was once was presented with an arbitration agreement that would actually have made him money and let the business continue but he let it fail because HE didn’t come up with the idea.

    I do think Trump will be the next president of the US. Not that Trump will win but Hillary will lose. Something that has not changed since I earned my degree in Political Science is for a Democratic Party candidate to win a presidential election he or she must attract independent voters. Hillary and the Democratic Party establishment shit on independents during the primary elections.

    Most independent voters are now of the millennial age group they don’t feel an obligation to vote so they will remember and just stay home. I may only 100 DAYS younger than Hillary but I don’t like being shit on either. So I will just go back to SL and ignore the election. -Willow


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