Can’t Be Any Easier

At least it’s what this new gag by Canonical promises. It’s supposed to be a demo of Ubuntu Linux, so you can see and try out how it works before you install anything. Hmmm, let’s see …


Still, this demo thing is well-meant but in the end doesn’t provide you with any information or gives you a feeling on how it really feels to work on Linux.


Or does it really work? Let’s go surfing the interwebz and find out …


… for example let’s visit one of the most prominent websites ever!

Bildschirmfoto zu 2016-07-27 11-29-35

Ya, whoopdidoo. It werkz. Now you have proof that fukin Firefox works the same way in Linux as it does under Windows. Or does it?


Now I’m trying to visit another kinda fashionable website for kool kidz, namely, and the poor Ubuntu demo shows me exactly … nothing. Not a fukin thing! FAIL!!!

Excuse me but we all know the wisdom with the highway to hell, that is plastered with good intentions, same as Canonical surely had all the best for you in mind when they cobbled this demo together. Just to fall flat on their faces! 😦

In so far I shall keep going on maintaining my opinion that a live CD/DVD of Ubuntu – or any other Linux distro in that regard  – would serve much better and much more realistically as a “demo”. Because it’s much more than just a demo; it’s indeed the real original system and works in all aspects with just the small caveats of not saving any of your work or settings and being much slower since you’re working from a CD. And the best thing is: You’re not bound to one explicit distro but it werkz with every Linux distro you set your mind on. And if you like what you just experienced you can use the same fukn DVD to install the distro from. That’s what I call a realistic test.

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